Australia’s loneliness Epidemic: How to identify and manage feelings of loneliness.

Australia’s loneliness Epidemic: How to identify and manage feelings of loneliness.Feeling Alone? Let’s dive deep into the planet of loneliness. Most of us have experienced this overwhelming negative feeling of loneliness at some stage in our lives. Given how common this feeling is, it raises the question of why it is such a taboo issue…

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What is relationship counselling?

What is relationship counselling?Pathways to find the right support for your relationship. How relationship counselling can help strengthen and deepen your relationships. What is relationship counselling? Relationship counselling, also known as couples therapy or marriage counselling, is a specialised practice that helps couples better understand their differences and/or perpetual conflicts to build a stronger foundation…

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ease post-lockdown anxiety-psychotherapy-recommendations Sydney

Feeling anxious about returning to ‘Normal’ after Covid-19 lockdown?

Feeling anxious about returning to ‘Normal’ after Covid-19 lockdown?7 Psychotherapist recommended coping strategies to ease back into ‘normality’. With lockdown easing, many of us are working out what our new ‘normal’ life looks like now. So feeling a mixture of emotions is expected.  After numerous months in lockdown, expect to have a range of feelings…

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Covid-19 lockdown improve relationships

7 ways to ensure your relationship weathers the Covid-19 lockdown storm

7 ways to ensure your relationship weathers the Covid-19 lockdown storm. Taking all relationships back to basics It’s no surprise that negative impacts on relationships due to COVID-19 lockdown are significantly growing. Couples feel more stretched and stressed than ever before. The ongoing uncertainty surrounding lockdowns, homeschooling and job security is not helping. Many people…

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How does marriage counselling work

What happens in relationship and marriage counselling?

What happens in relationship and marriage counselling?Your couples therapy questions answered I frequently receive calls enquiring about what happens in relationship and marriage counselling. And what they can expect in the first session.  So I thought it was the perfect topic for a blog! Dealing with stress and conflict as a couple Couples are often…

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stress and anxiety support group

COVID-19-Online support groups

COVID-19 online support groups for stress and anxiety  The outbreak of COVID-19 is incredibly frightening and is causing significant concern and uncertainty for many people, both personally and professionally.  During this stressful and challenging time, it is normal to be feeling anxious and overwhelmed, especially when media advice and reports are changing rapidly. My goal…

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happy couples

9 little things happy couples do every day

9 LITTLE THINGS HAPPY COUPLES DO EVERY DAYHow to build a long-lasting relationship Everyone wants to live ‘happily ever after’. While we’d love this to happen naturally, in reality there’s a level of effort involved. Grand gestures and gifts are nice, but they’re not enough to sustain a relationship and keep you both happy. To…

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Why is therapy important

Why counselling and psychotherapy is needed more than ever for healthy emotional wellbeing

WHY COUNSELLING AND PSYCHOTHERAPY IS NEEDED MORE THAN EVER FOR HEALTH EMOTIONAL WELLBEING These days, people seem to be more stressed than in the past. While the advancement of technology in the information-age has meant to make life easier, it’s actually resulted in more pressure and higher expectations. Many of us are struggling to cope…

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low mood

7 simple actions to boost your low mood

7 SIMPLE ACTIONS TO BOOST YOUR LOW MOOD How are you feeling right now? Unmotivated and/or lacking energy? Maybe you’ve been faced with some tough situations lately and just can’t seem to shake this low mood? It’s not unusual during tough times to feel sad or down. In fact, feeling sad or down is a…

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manage stress

Are you stressed right now ?

ARE YOU STRESSED RIGHT NOW? Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed with life’s pressures and demands at the moment? Do you find yourself overreacting or getting irritated easily towards your loved ones or those around you? Are you suffering from sleepless nights? If you answered yes to any of the above, you’re probably experiencing some…

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how to stop worrying

5 simple strategies to stop worrying

5 SIMPLE STRATEGIES TO STOP WORRYING What are you currently worried about? What thoughts swirl through your head in the middle of the night? It’s important to note that some level of worry is completely normal. In fact, worrying is important when dealing with stress as, when managed well it can increase your motivation and…

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relationship stress

5 signs your relationship may be in trouble

5 SIGNS YOUR RELATIONSHIP MAY BE IN TROUBLE Are you feeling unhappy, unappreciated, and/or misunderstood by your partner? Are you constantly arguing these days – even over the smallest things? Maybe feeling let down or betrayed? A healthy relationship can be challenging and requires hard work, especially when we are faced with additional stressors, such…

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How Can I Practise Mindfulness in Everyday Life?

HOW CAN I PRACTICE MINDFULNESS IN EVERYDAY LIFE These days, ‘mindfulness’ is a term that is often referred to, but also misinterpreted, by many people. Understanding what mindfulness is and how it works is crucial if you want to develop an effective daily practise that brings great benefit to your everyday life. Not 100% sure…

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6 Ways to Stop Panic Attacks

6 Ways To Stop Panic Attacks

6 WAYS TO STOP PANIC ATTACKS As outlined in my last blog “How Do I Know If I’m Having a Panic Attack?”, people experience a wide range of signs and symptoms when it comes to panic attacks – and none of them are very pleasant. So how do you stop them from happening? Firstly, it’s…

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Manage Anxiety

How to Recognise and Manage Anxiety

HOW TO RECOGNISE AND MANAGE ANXIETY Do you know what anxiety is? Would you know how to recognise the signs and symptoms? And if you did suffer from anxiety, would you know how to manage it?   There are various strategies for coping with anxiety and I’m here to help you! But let’s start at…

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5 New Year Goals for a Happier Wellbeing

5 NEW YEAR GOALS FOR A HAPPIER WELLBEING Do you set emotional goals ? A new year brings reflection and usually a desire for change. The most common new year’s resolutions often surround financial and physical goals, but what about emotional goals? Emotional goals are just as important, if not more at times, but they…

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