Youth Counselling

Is your child struggling with emotional challenges or behavioural changes that concern you?


Are you looking for effective ways to support your child’s emotional development and well-being?


Do you need guidance and professional assistance to better understand and manage your teenager’s changing behaviours and emotions?

Youth Counselling Bella Vista

Childhood and adolescence can be a turbulent time. It can be extremely difficult to navigate the complex journey of self-discovery that is adolescence, as well as managing the transition into adulthood. This time of life often brings forth a myriad of mental, emotional, and social obstacles. Whether you are a young person seeking guidance or a parent/guardian concerned about your child’s well-being, you are not alone. Many families struggle to manage the trying time of childhood and adolescence. Together, we can empower our youth to face life’s challenges with resilience, compassion, and a renewed sense of purpose.


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What is youth counselling, and how can it help my child?

Youth counselling is a form of therapy that caters specifically to the unique developmental needs and concerns of young people aged between 10 and 18. The aim of youth counselling is to provide a safe and confidential space for young people to explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. All while equipping them with essential coping mechanisms and skills to face the diverse challenges they encounter during this transformative phase of life.

In summary, youth counselling empowers your child to thrive emotionally, socially, and academically during the challenges of adolescence


What are the benefits of youth counselling?

Youth counselling recognises the unique needs and challenges of children, adolescents and young adults, providing tailored support for them to thrive. Youth counselling can be incredibly beneficial in supporting young people through the various challenges they face. Here are some ways counselling may benefit:

  • Develop coping mechanisms and strategies to navigate unique challenges 
  • Support in managing a range of emotions in youth and adolescence, including stress, anxiety, worry, anger and sadness
  • Build self-esteem and self-worth through exploring strengths, achievements,  self-acceptance and confidence. 
  • Develop communication skills, such as active listening, assertiveness, conflict resolution, and boundary-setting. 
  • Explore identity and self-discovery through identification of values, beliefs, and goals.
  • Support during transitions, such as moving schools or universities, entering the workforce, or adjusting to new environments. 


What youth services does Kylie Lepri Counselling and Psychotherapy offer?

Kylie Lepri Counselling and Psychotherapy offers youth counselling services to children, teens and parents in-person at our Bella Vista office or online. 

Our counsellors are experienced in using evidence-based approaches to help you and/or your child find relief from your challenges. 

You may also find it beneficial to attend counselling to manage the challenges of youth and adolescence as a family unit. For more information on our family counselling services click here


What is the next step?

If you, your child or family is in need of support, consider youth counselling. Together, we will explore helpful skills and strategies to communicate effectively and manage emotions in times of growth and transition. Contact Kylie Lepri Counselling today for a FREE 15-minute phone call to discuss your situation and find out how we can help. Call us now on 0404 032636 or book your free phone call online.

Youth Counselling FAQs

Parents may seek guidance around whether their child’s behaviour is within the range of typical adolescent development or if it indicates a more serious issue. Every child is different, and we can provide more guidance after hearing about your situation over a free 15 minute phone enquiry call.

Parents may wonder about the signs that suggest their child could benefit from counselling, such as changes in behaviour, mood, or academic performance. If you have concerns about these areas, it may be beneficial to learn about counselling services for your child.

Parents may be curious about the counselling process, including the duration of sessions, confidentiality, and the role they will play.  As each situation is different the therapist will discuss this in more detail during the initial appointment once it is established what support is needed.  However, you can also reach out for a free 15 minute phone enquiry to discuss how we work or answer any questions you may have.

Parents may inquire about their level of involvement in the counselling process, including whether family sessions are recommended. Depending on the needs of your child, and the type of counselling that you may be interested in, parent involvement can be discussed with your child’s therapist. 

Parents often ask about the expected duration of counselling and when they can anticipate seeing improvements in their child’s well-being. Depending on the needs of your child, the projected length of the counselling journey may be advised by your child’s therapist, but this may also fluctuate.

Parents may seek guidance on how to create a supportive environment at home and continue to assist their child’s emotional well-being after counselling ends. A helpful way to support your child during and after counselling is to approach counselling openly and be available to talk with your child.

Parents typically want to know about the therapist’s policies regarding sharing information and updates on their child’s counselling journey. Depending on the needs of your child, and the type of counselling that you may be interested in, parent involvement can be discussed with your child’s therapist. 

  • For a 60 minute youth counselling appointment the fee is $210.00 
  • For a 60 minute parent support appointment the fee is $245.00

Please call us on 0404 032 636 if you would like to discuss our fees and/or find out more about how we work.

Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover private counselling services. However, there is a growing number of private health funds who now recognise the need for counselling therapy and are including cover in their policies. If you are unsure it is best to contact your private health fund provider to see if you are eligible.

People seek youth counselling for a wide variety of reasons:

Is your child experiencing any of these:


Body image worries

Social media challenges

Family changes/conflicts

School refusal

Teen sexuality 

Academic /HSC pressures

Internet addiction

Anxiety, worry or sadness

Friendship issues



Parental conflict/ separation

Peer pressure 

Poor sleep 

Substance use

Identity Issues

“Anything that’s human is mentionable, and anything that is mentionable can be more manageable. When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary.”


— Fred Rogers


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