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This short quiz of 12 questions will help you determine if counselling is the right step for you.

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1 / 12

I often worry or overthink things

2 / 12

I often feel stressed, tired and worn out

3 / 12

I am concerned about my feelings, thoughts or something I’m doing

4 / 12

I often feel like I can’t cope with my feelings on my own

5 / 12

I am having trouble concentrating at work or while doing things

6 / 12

I am struggling with communication in my relationship

7 / 12

I often feel like I can't open up to people about my feelings

8 / 12

I want to improve how I feel but I don’t know where to start

9 / 12

I feel like my emotions and situations are only getting worse

10 / 12

I often feel unsatisfied or unhappy in my relationship

11 / 12

I often experience thoughts about self-harm or suicide

12 / 12

I feel like I have lost all sense of joy and motivation

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