Individual and Relationship Counsellor

Welcome. I’m Sharlene. I am a holistic somatic therapist who works with individuals and couples to help you reclaim your sense of connection – to yourself, to resilience and to vitality – to foster relationships that nurture and support you in your life.

A holistic, somatic approach simply means I invite your whole experience – mind and body -into our inquiry together. It is my belief the body holds all that we are unable, or unwilling, to process. Tapping into this source fosters self-awareness, enhanced personal confidence and self-empowerment. This approach can provide relief from physical pain, anxiety, depression and teach you meaningful and practical tools that are applicable throughout life.

It is my belief that you have the answers to your inner questions and struggles. However, there are times in life – as there are for many of us – when we benefit from the guidance and support of a professional to walk alongside us. This is how I view my role in your journey.

I am a passionate music lover, singer, traveller, art lover, interior designer, nature lover, reader, dancer and creative. I most treasure time with those I love.

What inspired me to become a Counsellor?

My desire to become a therapist developed out of experiences of intense anxiety and grief. I sought psychotherapy in my 20’s and it put me on a path of personal growth that has provided me with self-awareness, confidence and resilience throughout life. My hope in my work is that I provide a similar experience for you.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Counselling from the Australian College of Applied
Psychology in Sydney. I have additional training in Somatic Psychotherapy; Couples
Developmental Therapy; Narrative Therapy; Attachment psychology; Biomedical yoga therapy; Yoga Psychotherapy; Family Constellations; Dialectical Behaviour Therapy; I am Trauma-informed, Polyvagal-informed and a Certified Telehealth Practitioner.

I am tirelessly curious and committed to ongoing professional development. This includes regular clinical supervision.

My Approach

Great therapy meets you where you are, right now. I have a very creative and collaborative style of working and I tailor my approach to meet your individual and relationship needs. I weave together an eclectic range of evidence-based practices and philosophies to offer new perspectives and experiential learning throughout our time together.

It is always such an honour to witness the personal and relationship growth in the people who sit with me.

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Bachelor of Counselling (B.Couns)

Australian College of Applied Psychology, Sydney.

Further Counselling Trainings

  • Somatic Psychotherapy
  • Couples Developmental Model of Therapy
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Attachment psychology
  • Biomedical yoga therapy
  • Trauma and polyvagal theory in therapy
  • Yoga Psychotherapy
  • Family Constellations
  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
  • Certified Telehealth Practitioner

Professional Memberships

PACFA -­ Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia
Australia – Member. Reg. 26636


Get the support you need towards building a happier life balance



Are you going through a difficult time?

Feeling overwhelmed, confused and/or unhappy?

Struggling to manage the situation or cope with difficult feelings on your own?



Are you struggling in your home environment?

Are the everyday stressors and/or frequent conflict getting you and the family down?

Are you finding it challenging navigating the different stages of family life and/or being on the same team with parenting?


Couples Marriage Therapy

Is your relationship going through a difficult time?

Are you always fighting over the same things?

Feeling let down or betrayed?


Clinical Supervision

For students and established counsellors and therapists.
Individual and group sessions available



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