“Over a period of six months, she was able to help me understand my feelings and enabled me to accept myself, and raise my self esteem.

The tools she has given me will help me to negotiate my way through tough times in the future!

I would recommend Kylie to anyone who needs an independent and approachable person to help put things in perspective when nothing in life seems to make sense.”

Client 2

“From the moment I met Kylie, she made me feel so comfortable that I was able to express my thoughts without feeling like Kylie was judging me. I felt as though Kylie really listened to me showing me empathy and suggested some great techniques to help me.

I always walked out feeling a lot clearer in mind and body as Kylie had a way of explaining why I was feeling the way I was and it all seemed to make sense to me.  I have recommended Kylie to my friends and family in the past and they had similar experiences.”

Client 1